via A book that happens too early in a life will be too hard to get into. It is not until we have studied, learned or experienced events and situations in our own lives that we will be able to get through a book. Familial situations are all very difficult. We do not choose which family we are born into, not really. We mainly choose which family we stay in. I’m not a therapist. I have only lived long enough to realize all the mistakes I have made in my life and how to see clear to my past, my present, and have to look into the future with my trifocal/bifocal lenses, not rose colored glasses or no glasses or contacts; just choosing for my own and real self how I choose to look at life. And I still get it wrong. I think that there is no shame in not finishing a book, stopped reading a book, or rereading a book time and time and time again. We will all read every single line differently, It is just about being ready for a book.