This is the quote from “THE BOOK THIEF” that always remains in my heart. Some of us live longer, some shorter; but in the end – we all have to go.  Nobody lives forever.

We play little games with ourselves don’t we? Don’t we?  Our house is not ‘clean enough’ for anyone to visit.  The living room is filled with toys, so we can’t go.  And so it goes for a person that has lost all sense of self even though she has raised three self-sufficient adults with the highest of education in their fields.

But I did not get through ‘higher education’ so I am the one that sucks.  But only in m own eyes.  No one else sees me that way.  What a loser am I?

A book that happens too early in a life will be too hard to get into. It is not until we have studied, learned or experienced events and situations in our own lives that we will be able to get through a book. Familial situations are all very difficult. We do not choose which family we are born into, not really. We mainly choose which family we stay in. I’m not a therapist. I have only lived long enough to realize all the mistakes I have made in my life and how to see clear to my past, my present, and have to look into the future with my trifocal/bifocal lenses, not rose colored glasses or no glasses or contacts; just choosing for my own and real self how I choose to look at life. And I still get it wrong. I think that there is no shame in not finishing a book, stopped reading a book, or rereading a book time and time and time again. We will all read every single line differently, It is just about being ready for a book.

The Museum of Extraordinary Things

This web-site features the history and the fantasy of this incredible, chronicled location in the borough of Brooklyn, NY. The fantasies and situations are incredibly moving. Not everyone enjoys ‘fantasy’ books; if you are – don’t bother to read it. But if you approach with an open mind, you will be cloaked with the mystery, feel and history of this place and time.
In Photos: Coney Island’s Eccentric History as ‘the Poor Man’s Riviera’ – Curbed NY

I loved reading this book.  I transformed and traveled into this era and found myself becoming a part of this beautiful and mesmerizing moment in time with all the taboos and well meaning people who are led by an evil mind who believes they are doing the right thing.  And keep the out the outside world while he pulls his inside world closer and closer to himself and it is realized that that nobody can keep the world frozen in time.